IN VIA Baltic team with Gilles van den Abeel 

IN VIA Baltic als eine Destination Management Company erbringt alle Boden Incoming-Tourismus Dienstleistungen für Gruppen, FIT und Unternehmen.
Neben allgemeinen Touren unser Favorit ist das kulturelle Erbe, Anreiz und maßgeschneiderte Touren.

Wir haben Erfahrung in der Arbeit mit Touristen aus den USA, Griechenland, Spanien, Belgien, Frankreich, Großbritannien, Schweden und Russland. Reisearrangements, um jeden Gastes verdient unsere persönliche Betreuung durch zu machen.

* Unterkunft in up-Skala auch Budget-Hotels
* Programm-Design (Kultur-, Geschäfts-, Konferenz-, Incentive-, Hobby-Touren)
* Führungsdienste
* Transport
* Senior Reisen
* Jugend Reisen
* Städtereisen

Umfassendes Angebot an Boden touristische Dienstleistungen für Einzelpersonen und Gruppen, auch in Lettland, Estland und Russland. Alle Routen sind sorgfältig entworfen.

Kein Zweifel, kann die Region am besten von denen vertreten und verpackt werden, die es perfekt selbst wissen.
Seit 1993 produziert unser Unternehmen informativ Bild Bücher, Hervorhebung der Sehenswürdigkeiten, faszinierende historische Stätten und die interessantesten Ereignisse des Landes (in Englisch, Deutsch, Italienisch, Russisch, Schwedisch, Polnisch, Litauisch Sprachen) sowie Werbebroschüren und CD auf kulturelle Tourismus in Litauen, Lettland und Estland.

We constantly monitor the quality of our services and are thankful for the feedback from our customers and partners, see some of them as below:  

2016 April

Even if we cannot fry the fish before it is caught, we can start the mental process of how my organization can contribute to create new tourism products/programs within Terra Incognita, which will find a market in Sweden in step one. This is a joint challenge and like the tourist product consists of a variety of components so does the final partnership. We will make sure that the entire region will be able to benefit from this project (In EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region it is called macro regional perspectives). We wish you all welcome to color the white spot of Europe!

Best regards,
Arne Ellefors
SBBA, Lützengatan 12A 115 20 Stockholm

2015, October:

Hi Vilija,
Yes, it was really lovely to work with you! The event went well and the JVC Kenwood Team seemed pleased with the outcome. Once again thank you for all your help. All the guests loved Vilnius and many said they would like to return.

I look forward to hearing from you.
With warm regards to you and to Edita
Lesley Healy (UK)
Hamiltons Event Management Ltd

2015 January

With all the details that I received from you and Edita I have to make a nice overview for the students, their parents, my colleages and dean. At the end of March I hope to organise a Lithuanian evening with students. The Baltic Tour for 25 persons is fully booked.

Met vriendelijke groeten-
Hugo Verkest (Belgium)
Senior Lecturer Deputy Coordinator International Office
Teacher Training College Campus Torhout

2013 October

Thank you very much for the wonderful collaboration we had during the FISA and EURADWASTE Conference in Vilnius. Your team has helped us a lot in the organization of the event on-site and we have appreciated your efficient work and professional presence. Your team has been very helpful and proactive and has contributed to the success of our events. It was a pleasure to work with all of you and I hope we will have the opportunity to meet again on another event. So again thank you.

Kind regards,
European Commission
Conference Organising Unit S6
B-1049 Brussels/Belgium

2013 March

Thank You for organising the event, especially Vilnius City Game for us. It was big fun to discover famous places of the historical Vilnius in a playful, relaxing way. The tasks that we had to fulfill were both informative and entertaining, and even required some creativity from us. Our all game teams found this 3-hours walk really amazing!

Maciej Wójcik (PL)00-807 Warszawa Al. Jerozolimskie 96;

2012 May:

Dear Vilija,

It was a highlight again to visit Grodno. Everyone in the bus was very pleased and surprised. The tour was good and can be made again. We got some new ideas to consider.

Mvh / Best Regards
Arne Ellefors (Sweden)
SBBA, S-115 20 Stockholm

2011 June:

Thank you for organizing such an outstanding tour of the Baltics for my group of American women. We loved every fascinating minute, from our first night in Vilnius to our farewell dinner in Tallinn. And to top all that off, our trip was made all the more memorable because of the unusual evening of cultural exchange that you coordinated for us with Lithuanian women at the country home of Dr. Zina. The food, the laughter and the cozy bonfire . . . it was the highlight of the tour. I can’t say enough about the personal attention to our every need that you provided. Lithuania leaves a lasting impression!

Away for Women (USA)
Allison O’Sullivan

2007 June

Many thanks for all your help in making our trip to Lithuania so memorable. We did not know what to expect before we came and could not have imagined we would have such a wonderful time. I am sure many of us will return soon.

Martin Stephenson/ Rotary Club, UK

Thought I would mail you to say thank you for giving us all such a memorable visit to your beautiful country. Your tour made it all worthwhile and I for one have a better understand of Lithuania. I hope I can visit Vilnius again soon and perhaps we could have dinner!

John Sadler/ Managing Director for
Brand Retail Solutions Ltd., London, UK


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