Hill Of Crosses

Are you fed up with the vanity fair of today’s world?

Isn’t it high time to break away from the daily routine and follow your spiritual need to find peace of mind?

Lithuania is the place where the famous mystic of the 20th century St. Faustina lived and Vilnius is the place where her vision came to life. Come and see the painting of Jesus Christ, which Pope John Paul II announced as the holy image.

View (if not pray at) the miracle making image of Merciful Mary at the Vilnius Dawn Gate Chapel, where all the walls are covered with glistening votives, signs of gratitude for her assistance.

Visit Siluva settlement  in western Lithuania, the first site of the Apparition of Virgin Mary in Europe (1608). Feel the exclusiveness of this small settlement, which is still not commercialized, but rather maintained by a pure feeling of faith.

Leave a cross of your own to stay among thousands of other, small and large, made of wood or metal, at the unique Hill of Crosses, the place turned into symbol of spiritual resistance in soviet times. Lithuanian crosscarving craft was proclaimed by UNESCO the World Heritage. In order to have your own personal impression of what soviet regime was, visit the real KGB prison, the former starting point for exiles’to Siberia…

Eventually – learn the intricate ways of how Christianity came to this country, which in the Middle Ages was known as the last citadel of paganism in Europe…
Your 5-6 days Pilgrimage tour apart from the general sightseeing will offer the extended program, enriched by unique spiritual experience.